SHOW OPENS FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 7-9pm Roxy Art House, 2 Roxburgh Pl.

In the most important times in our existence we try to make sense of our place and time by cutting up the past and re-ordering the future.At the turn of the 20th century collage and assemblage came to the fore as a legitimate means of visual and cultural expression. The lineage of this act of creative destruction can be traced to the invention of paper in China in 200BC but it was the rise of Modernism that necessitated a technique, whichtook the pre-existing: the already, and tore, cut and slashed itbefore it was re-proposed giving rise to new understanding and meaning.The artists who feature in CUT/PASTE have graduated during themost turbulent and uncertain of times. Nearly a full century since Picasso and Braque re-defined collage by taking the subject of the café and colliding it with the surface of the painting they are acutely aware of the contextual past & present and do not shy away or hide from it.

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