The Man from the Kingdom of Business'

It was not easy to live with ghosts, nor was it easy to remember what he had lost. He walked into the wilderness in, what he believed, a bid to recover. He looked down at the glittering bay as the sun sank and saw nothing but nature stripped naked of her forests and raped by the dead and gone crofters. Had he the knowledge, he would have mourned the murderous wrath of the ancestrous hunter. All that was had come to pass and he had not had the chance to know it. His future had been stolen by others history. The city he grew up in was a souless pit of aborted dreams but he saw no soul in the land that lay below either, only the cold indifference of the world. She had allowed a slow violation of herself and how he longed for her resistance. She was either 'dead or dying'. He picked himself up from the heatherous hollow in which he lay and wandered up to the most desolate place he could have imagined, opened up his briefcase and slowly ripped the top off the sherbert fountain he had brought with him. Everything was allright now and he made his way back to the train station with a happy heart.

The contented business man sitting with the ghost of sherbert fountain

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