Refugee of Reality

My first book was entitled Refugee of Reality and contained 27 pages of glorious irreverence. Here they are. If you would like a copy, email me at Priced at £35, Limited Edition of 30.

'The Patriot' SOLD

'Tauro'  SOLD

'Devastation & the death of hope' SOLD

'Aura the Pole', 10"x12", £75

'The combustion question' SOLD

'Dreams'  SOLD

'Oysters' SOLD

'Custard' SOLD

'Boredom' SOLD

'Toast' SOLD

'The whale & the church' SOLD

'Refugee of Reality'  SOLD

'The Gabor Bastard Son of Romania' SOLD

'Advice', 10"x12", SOLD

'The Masses', 10"x12", £75

'Dread'  SOLD

'Science friction'  SOLD

'Shrew'  SOLD

'Teddy Bear's Picnic' SOLD

'The art student'  SOLD

'God'  SOLD

'Dave'  SOLD

Dog vs. Tree  SOLD

'Emptiness is in the Eye of the Beholder' SOLD

'Living' SOLD

'History'  SOLD

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