New Contemporaries 2010

"Omar Zingaro Bhatia’s installation is a re-presentation of his Spuriosity Shop, an archive-junkshop of paintings and artefacts, fragments of a family history and the ephemera of identity. The loaded objects (amongst many others: painted portraits; photographs of forebears of various ethnicities; a teddy bear; some hats; a shisha pipe; antlers; a stuffed magpie) present clues to a persona deliberately conceived and presented by the artist, and a history imbued with mythology. The viewer flits between objects, gleaning an idea of a self consciously exotic identity formed through a childhood in Tanzania, a schooling in Scotland, a term in Transylvania. The artist himself is fond of hanging about in his exhibit, treating visitors to the performance of a showman strumming his guitar, sitting in his leather armchair, or regaling with tales of his own history. The installation is absorbing, the tale contained within engaging, intriguing, playfully told, and ultimately elusive. The Skinny enjoyed it so much we gave him a prize." - Rosamund West, The Skinny, 12th April 2010

James & I.
Bit of a performance.
With Wendy Law.
A charming fellow who felt right at home.
We clapped & we clapped.
Blue sky business chat with Ros from The Skinny. 
Prof. Callum Colvin.
Mama and me.
Bonnie chap (hands extended in greeting).
Just some of the captivated audience.
Jamie Fitzpatrick & James Kingdom Smyth kick out the jams.
Doing some calculations with Michael Agnew RSA.

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