I think a great deal of artists are slippery in as much as allowing people to see work that they deem to be 'unfinished'. In fact, I would go as far as saying that some artists are terrified to admit that not all they touch is gold, such is the tradition that the artist's ego dictates. Perhaps I am indulging in my cynicism a little too much but I suspect that even when 'humble' enough to label their own work as 'shit', it is possible that they're fishing for compliments. I am not one of those artists. However, the painting (above) which I have entitled 'The Union of Sargasso' is without question, bad. The figure on the right in particular leaves much to be desired. I am soon to paint that absurd pout off her face.

The reason I am showing you this, my dear readers, is to let you in on my process, to share with you the 'secrets of creation'. I either start a painting out of necessity (a commission) or out of whim (some may call it that most dreadful of words; inspiration). What keeps me invested in an artwork is a deep feeling of dissatisfaction. No matter how awful I feel a painting initially is, I will continue down the road to resolution. Most of my paintings begin crudely, without beauty, without direction......and sometimes......just sometimes without even sincerity.

So, faithful readers, I thought I would let you see an unresolved painting for yourselves. Please feel free to chastise me at My next post will be the destination at the end of the Road to Resolution if you will, the finished piece. That said, Leonardo Da Vinci (not the guy out of Titanic) once said that "Art is never finished, only abandoned".

"I put my heart and soul into my work, and lost my mind in the process"
~ Vincent Van Gogh 


black michael said...

I think it's good.

WelshGuy said...

The one on the right does have a bit of the "Les Dawson" about them. He did that great sketch where he and that guy from Coronation Street dressed up as Northern house wives and gossiped over the fence. :)

Anonymous said...

I quite like it!


Thank you Anonymous!