Bar Notes

It occurred to me suddenly that I had never posted these on my blog (along with about a million other things) but these I had already taken the time to scan. They're a small collection of drawings that I did in Cluj Napoca three winters ago while 'propping up the bar' as they say. I scrawled them in a lovely little jotter of pastel colours bought for 30p in my little local corner store. The two women who worked there always used to laugh at my attempts to speak Romanian. In fact, they found it so funny that they would break out into a raucous laughter as soon as I opened the door. If you look closely you can see the word Zingaro written at the bottom of one of the sketches. That was the first time I ever used the name. All of these sketches are rooted in reality, so if you're curious, just comment below and I will respond. You have Zingaro's promise. 

Important Russian characters.
Drawn during a crescent moon.
Roman conquest.
Benjamin the Colombian Vs. Omar the Scot.
Ex mathematics professor turned drunk.
King Matei the Hungarian conqueror.

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