As we reach the birth of Jesus (2010 years ago) I thought I would take the opportunity to try and punt some paintings. They are hanging around my room like that weird guy at the party........except that there are about 50 of them. Some of these have never appeared on my blog before and some have never even seen the light of day. You will not have the opportunity to purchase these paintings at the same price ever again. I'm feeling particularly Asian at the moment and it is manifesting itself by making me want to sell quality goods at rock bottom prices. Remember, you are not just buying a painting, you are investing in my lifestyle, ideas, hopes, fears and dreams. Nourish me with your money!
'Pikinski' 11"x13" ~ SOLD
'Quangdoom' 10" x 16" ~ SOLD
'The Flying Dots' 20" x27" ~ SOLD

'Fhedem' 25" x 31" ~ £250

'Oisor' 26" x 34" ~ £250
'10' 12" x 12" ~ SOLD
'Littl'an' 11" x13" ~ SOLD
'Torres' 20" x 26" ~ SOLD

'Dr. Morden' 12" x 14" ~ SOLD

'Mr. Panj' 12" x 12" ~ SOLD
'Valley of Alphanenon' 12" x 15" ~ SOLD

'Teddy Bear's Picnic' 12" x 14" ~ SOLD
'How Many Owls' 21" x 31" ~ O/Z/B PRIVATE COLLECTION

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