The Jacket-Traders

While at art school I belonged to a musical brotherhood known collectively as Fauves (French for savages). We were not rich men - as bohemians (more or less) money meant little to us. Our wealth and social standing, instead, was based upon the commodity, and that commodity was the humble jacket. There was much squabbling, conniving, thievery, begging and bargaining over the 6 jackets you see below this short introductory passage. 

There were times when all five of were fashioning a jacket belonging to the other and times when somehow, through either stupidity, robbery or bad business sense, we were left jacketless. I will never forget the days when we were The Jacket-Traders of Dundee.

Kern Jamieson, Aberdeenshire, 2010, Jacket No. 1
Ma & Jipsey James, Edinburgh, 2010, Jacket No. 2
Jipsey James, Rich and I, Broughty Ferry 2010, Jacket No. 3 (far right)
Rich, Jipsey James, Fitz and I, Dundee, rare photo of Jacket No. 4 (centre)
Jipsey James' battered American Jacket No. 5 (now in my custody)
Sleeve detail.
My oldest Jacket (No. 6), acquired circa 2002 (off to China with Rich)

In the care of Rich - This jacket was found in a friends closet after disappearing for over a year. Both arms had been torn off and Rich made a loving repair job which he used shamelessly as collateral for the right to his eternal possession of the garment. I let him take it with him to China on the condition that he left me Jipsey James Jacket No. 5 (see above).

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