The Violinist

Florin was the finest violinist in his village and he knew it. His style was so wild and primal that the tutors at the Royal Academy upon hearing him playing in Budapest decided to teach him utilising an obscure, unconventional and almost forgotten 19th Century educational methodology that concentrated on preserving his natural aptitude for improvisation, an essential precondition of virtuosity. As a result, he was the origin of all masculine envy and all feminine lust; Not just in his own community, but beyond, into the very heart of a savage Europe he would conquer with his 'Orkestrar', the legendary Rajko Zenekar.

Florin Codoba ~ Violinist. Biro on board. 2011
'Florin ~ Violinist'. Watercolour, Conte & Biro on Board. 2011. SOLD

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