It is time readers. Almost a year since I won The Skinny Prize at the Royal Scottish Academy's New Contemporaries exhibition and more than 8 months since I have exhibited publicly, I am dragging myself and my artworks blinking into the halogen-lit arena of the art gallery. For 20 days in April I will be presenting entirley new works in entirely new mediums. The show is facilitated and organised by The Skinny magazine as part of the prize and I am proud to have been working initmatley with them. My exhibition entitled F I G M E N T S will be broken down into 4 seperate yet cohesive parts: 

 1 - A selection of new, unglimpsed paintings. 

 2 - The premier of a short film produced collaboratively with my brother about the archetypal tortured artist, languishing in the doldrums of a genius unrecognised. 

 3 - Hanging on one of the gallery walls will be, for the first time, the photo-essay which I called On the Road in Transylvania

 4 - Merging the crooked worlds of Art and Fashion, I have for the last couple of months been working with fashion designer and tailor extraordinaire Marina Maclean to create what we have called the Art Suit. Together we form OMARINA COUTURE and I am very excited to share the spoils of our finely tailored production. 

The Briggait Centre.

 I would be honoured if you could visit and if you want to have a chat, I should be hanging around (probably hungover) on the weekends. For a map of how to find The Briggait, please CLICK HERE (the map marker will say wasps artist studios, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow).

 I look forward to seducing you.


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Style Scanner said...

Wow! Thank you Omar, very flattering, I'm so excited to be collaborating with you for this exhibition.
Marina x.