Воланд ~ Woland

17"x24", 'Woland', acrylics & conte pencils, 2011. £500 (SOLD)

"Please excuse me," he said, speaking correctly, but with a foreign accent, "for presuming to speak to you without an introduction." - Professor Woland from The Master and Magarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

After recently finishing the superb Bulgakov novel, The Master and Margarita, I felt compelled to do a portrait of one of his most charismatic characters, Woland (A.K.A Satan). I also scanned the novel and made a mock-up cover. 

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Style Scanner said...

Hell's bells he's devilishly good Omar! And damn it wouldn't he just fit right in with my Hammer House of Horror colour scheme… Perhaps "God will provide" so I can have another fallen angel, ha ha! Either way, reckon the old professor will get snapped up pretty faust! (Particularly fond of the warm sentient glow radiating from him, puts me in mind of that photo of you and Ross x)