Flavia - Paleface, 19"x23", acrylics, 2011AD, unframed. £450 (SOLD) 

Believe it, she is indeed a woman. If I'm not mistaken she is the first female I have painted in over five years. There's a little story behind the name Flavia which I will share with you. While studying Latin at school there was a character in the book we had to read called Flavia and I thought that it was such a great name that I promised myself that if I ever had a daughter, that's what I would call her. Years later I discovered that Flavia is the name of one of the largest fully-automated coffee machine companies in the UK- Kind of killed the romance for me. While staring at this painting trying to come up with a name I suddenly thought that if I couldn't name my daughter Flavia it would at least be fitting for a painting. I sort of think of them (the paintings) as my children anyway.  


MAX (Tristan Charles) WISZNIEWSKI said...

Flavia et Cornelia in Atrium. (Ecce Romani)


You were obviously paying attention Max. A+