Icarus | Garry Maclennan

Not long ago I was part of a shoot which was the brain-child of photographer Garry Maclennan. I was greased up, near naked and pressed up against a beautiful young girl with my face painted blue...it was all in the name of art my friends. Come and see the fruits of our glistening loins this Sunday at the Brunswick Hotel. Show kicks off at 8pm. If you can't do that, it will be on until December. All work, naturally, is for sale. If interested, get Garry at - garry.maclennan@gmail.com

Styled by Marina of OMARINA fame. 
Beautiful Young Girl | Emily Butcher 
Hair | David Farquhar 

A couple of Garry's splendid creations.

The main man Garry, model Emily & myself. 

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