Z8619, 4x4ft, acrylics & barbed wire, 2011AD.

Postcard 1
by Miklós Radnóti 
translated by Michael R. Burch

Out of Bulgaria, the great wild roar of the artillery thunders,
resounds on the mountain ridges, rebounds, then ebbs into silence
while here men, beasts, wagons and imagination all steadily increase;
the road whinnies and bucks, neighing; the maned sky gallops;
and you are eternally with me, love, amid all the chaos,
glowing within my conscience — incandescent, intense.
Somewhere within me, dear, you abide forever — 
still, motionless, silent, like an angel stunned to complacence by death
or an insect inhabiting the heart of a rotting tree.

As part of the Document 9 International Human Rights Film Festival I created this large-scale painting which I then wrapped in barbed wire. It was in response to the research I have been carrying out into the suffering of the Romani People at the hands of the Nazis and their affiliates. I presented the painting next to the above poem by Radnóti. Though he was not actually of Romani extraction himself - but rather a Hungarian Jew - I feel that his writing is some of the most poignant to come form those dark days of WW2 - His last poems were discovered in a little notebook in his pocket when his body was exhumed from a mass-grave. Read some of his translated verse and about this most remarkable man HERE

I thought it immoral to put up Z8619 for sale so instead I am going to donate it to the Anne Frank Trust.


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