Dressing Up

When we were kids the chances are that we enjoyed dressing up. For some of us, this desire never left. It sounds like cliché to say that our clothes can reflect the person that we feel ourselves to be....and that's because it is. Having said that, I believe it to be true. The photographs you are about to see are what I would call constructed identities. The garments that feature are all from my personal collection and I have worn them at some point, though not necessarily in these rather lurid combinations - In that sense, they are unarguably authentic. Identity fascinates me...but not to the extent where it becomes little more than abject narcissism - I just wanted to have a little fun. Perhaps I am trying to subvert my self-indulgent state of being a little by indulging you with these photos. I sincerely hope that you get some enjoyment from them, whether it be fleeting amusement or of a deeply dubious nature. 

The Sultan.
The Diceman

The Spinster - Makeup & styling by Marina Maclean.
The Native.
The Vulgarian.
The Matador.
The Artist.

All photos by Zul Bhatia (my father). 
See his Flickr Photostream HERE.
Zul's Facebook Page (he loves it!)

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