Early Man

Upon the passing of my dear grandmother Winnona, I discovered that she had kept every single drawing and painting that I had ever given her. My mother, similarly, has a vast archive of my childhood artworks. It occurred to me that if one is interested in where an artist ends up, we should also naturally be curious to see where he began. For what is an ending without a beginning? Following, are a small selection of pictures that I made as a boy. It's funny but I think I can even see a little of my current style in them. You may be able to deduce that I was obsessed with birds, particularly birds of prey.

A school project about the neanderthals. 
The previously unheard of 'Palm Mastodon' and a mother and baby dinosaur/dog.
An Owl-themed feast for the eyes.  
For my Nona.

Forgotten coastal vista.

Morbidity came at an early age.
African Crowned Eagles. (one on the nest and one with its Colobus Monkey carrion)

A pair of African Fish Eagles.

My favourite bird of prey of all time, the enigmatic Lammergeier


Style Scanner said...

Ha ha, they're bloody amazing. God, there really are some similar themes to your recent work, spooky. "Flowers for Nona" is wonderful. Great post x

Anonymous said...

Love the owls