W & C

Due to the success of the opening night, Wine & Cigars will be open until the 30th of March. I want to offer you my services as a personal tour guide to the show. If you want to know when, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me -  zingaromar@gmail.com 


Exhibition to be found at
Inverarity Fine Wines, 185A Bath Street, Glasgow.

We Love To Boogie co-owner Greg & Wiseguy Kyle. 
Fashion designers TORRES & Natalie.
Photographer Martin Barker.
Woland - Now the baby of a proud father. 
Inverarity baron 'Smiley Pete' with daughter Talia. 

Dealing out Slivovitz, a Polish plum brandy with puritanical properties.  
The vintage furs were out on form. (Hey, it's a cold country!)
Formidable in each of their fields - fashion, photography, fashion and bicycles.  
The burden of choice.
Actors, Coral and David. 

Good Rachel & the lovely Lisa Rosewood. 
The girls from Obscure Couture
Nocturnal conversation at the Glasgow Art Club which opened its doors for us at the end of the night. 
The chatter of the Midnight Club. 

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