Transylvania Residency

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very excited to announce that I'm returing to Transylvania to take part in an Artists Residency in a remote mountain town called Borsec. I stumbled upon the place while hitch-hiking a while ago with some fellow travellers. It was a truly incredible location and when I got back to Scotland I was compelled to find out more about it - Imagine my suprise when I discovered that there was an Artist Residency Programme there (InsideZone). Florin Dan, the coordinator was happy to welcome me but unfortunately it coincided with my exhibition at The Briggait....I've been waiting two years to go! 
I don't want to give much away at this point as I don't want what I tell you to impact on the work I present upon my return. Let me just say that I've heard that sometimes...when the moon is just right, the bears come out of the forests in the secrecy of the Transylvanian night. 

I'll be gone for five weeks all told, from Borsec I go to Istanbul for another, more enigmatic pursuit. See you in the Land Beyond the Forest and the Gateway to the East my friends. 

Arriving at Borsec in style back in 2010.

An alternate view of Borsec. Photo - Emil Lupu

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