Spanish Gold

I usually steer clear of making political/spiritual statements of my own personal belief-system in my work - that is not to say that I am ashamed of them, on the contrary. I will quickly paint you a picture of my basic beliefs:

God - Nay.
Truth - There is no absolute truth.
Ghosts - Have seen some odd things, unsure.
Reincarnation - The eternal re-occurrence of atoms. 
Equality - Ideal bordering on utopian.
Evil - The profound absence of culpability - do not accept.
Fate/Destiny - This creates a false sense of entitlement (Nihilistic). 
Love - We've given it a name, yes.
Reality - [insert own here]

Having said all this, do not take me for a complete cynic, I do have a Pagan sense of the omen and this leads me to explain the meaning of the gold pendant you see above. One evening I was taking the train to Glasgow. I was standing up as it was just about to pull into the station when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something glittering on a seat. I reached down and picked it up and, as the train was rapidly emptying, shoved it into my pocket. I didn't give it any thought before I eventually arrived home and was in a place where I could take a good look. I examined it minutely and soon realised that it was the real deal. 24 carat with a mounted diamond - a superb love-token from Spain. On the back it has the words 

'Que Ayer Que MaƱana'. 

I've researched this and it seems that it is an abbreviated version of the phrase: 

"I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow." 

As someone who has not been very fortunate in love (don't believe in fortune either), I take this as a heartening omen. It has 
also been spiritually noted that the man in the pendant bears a remarkable likeness to myself.


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