Purgatorial Residency

Hello there readers, I have some exciting news (Coupled with bad news)...but first you will need a little background information. Some of you may already know that I am active in Roma / Gypsy Rights and spend a great deal of time researching Roma culture / origins. I am a member of the World Artists Initiative (Khetanes) and through this initiative I have been invited to participate in a project in a small village in Hungary on the Northern border with Slovakia. The community, called Bodvalenke, is made up of a mainly Roma population and is entrenched in deep poverty. However, do not despair...us artists are helping! The place has been transformed into a 'Fresco Village', attracting both attention and tourism, and in turn allowing local people to earn some money. 

I have been asked to take up residency there and contribute a mural for the people of Bodvalenke. However, the bad news is that the EU funding for the project has been cut and they are no longer able to host me at this time. I will keep you in the loop as to how this pans out as there is still hope. 

Map of Hungary (showing Bodvalenke) & the Balkans

Slideshow by Hungarian photographer / film-maker Asia Derova.
See her vimeo channel HERE.

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