'Nephside' - Limited Edition Print

It's been three great years since I started this blog and this post is officially my 200th. In a small sense, it feels like a real milestone. Blogging is quite a commitment as I do so like to keep you guys well nourished. 

In this blogs infancy, the sheer novelty of it was seductive enough to satisfy me but soon the beast within began to take form. These days, I have a very strong sense of my identity as an artist and this blog is a manifestation of that. 

The bizzare bi-polar punch and judy show between total isolation and the world of the hyper-social never gets dull. Through all of the uncertainty and doubt there is one fundamental aspect which should be cherished - Freedom of Expression. 

A great many things happen off-screen (IRL) and these instances inform and affect what you see before you. For all those who have helped me or shown an interest, even in the slightest way, I couldn't have done it without you. I cannot thank you enough. 

To celebrate, I'm releasing this ludicrously affordable A3 limited-edition photographic print called 'Nephside'. 

'Nephside' - Limited Edition Photographic Print (1/5), A3, 2012AD. £30

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