I am incredibly excited indeed to share some news with you dear readers. After almost a year of  rehearsals and pre-production our film WAITRESS has reached the next stage. This is the bit where you can get involved. But first a few words on the background of the project itself and the mechanics of crowdfunding. In this post you will be taken, mood permitting, to the INDIEGOGO PAGE for our film. Alighting there, you will see that various levels of donation are available to you and that there are a number of remarkable perks on offer in reward for your generosity. Crowdfunding by nature is a way for you to get directly involved in the realization of a film while the makers of the film themselves get to create something that has full creative autonomy. 

WAITRESS is written and directed by Stephen Sheriff and I will be starring alongside actress Laura Mcmonagle, fresh from a No.2 UK box office hit. It's exciting to be part of what could be at the forefront of the Scottish cultural landscape and free from the shackles of big arts funding bodies. Crowdfunding really works, boycott mediocrity, join us!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

A still from the Promo Video

The director and I on location. / Photo - Vito Andreoni

A short film about a twisted outsider's search for a companion. A search that becomes so convoluted, reality becomes malleable - but who's pulling the strings? - S. Sheriff, Writer Director

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