National Collective

National Collective is currently under attack by Vitol plc, a global oil conglomerate headed by death-profiteer, tax-evader and Tory fatcat Ian Taylor. Incidentally, Taylor just so happens to be the primary funder of the Better Together campaign. National Collective's site has been taken down and they/we are being sued, along with The Sunday Herald who also broke the story. I don't usually talk politics here but this is a direct attack on what we fight for as artists and progressive people; freedom from oppression, whether that be executed by individuals, companies, religious organizations, monarchies or the state. This frankly pathetic attempt to silence us is a knee-jerk reaction to an expose which dug up some of the murky secrets of Vitol plc and their esteemed CEO. Read the transcribed article they (the baddies) don't want you to see HERE. This is not the first time Better Together and their donors have tried to silence us and it wont be the last. We continue to resist.



"We are an open and non-party political group of artists and creatives, a campaign and a state of mind. If you believe the world has so much to gain from an independent Scotland, If you believe the opportunity of a new nation is too good to miss, If you believe imagination is key to creating a better society, And that self-determination and self-expression go hand-in-hand, You are National Collective.

With the most exciting political period for centuries fast approaching Scotland, now is the time for the country’s creative community to help shape the vision of a new society and nation."

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