Magic Carpet Mural

I was delighted to receive my first Scottish mural commission in the Leith area of our capital city of Edinburgh. Part of The Shutter Project, the mural was facilitated by LeithLate and the the City of Edinburgh Council's Leith Neighbourhood Partnership. Special thanks go out to Morvern Cunningham at LeithLate14. 

The decorative mural, painted in acrylics, took me approximately 20 hours to complete and features psychedelic-esque magic carpet patterns in a visual celebration of Leiths evident interculturalism.

I am very keen to secure my next mural commission so if you are looking for a mural for your business, home interior, or feel your community could benefit then please do not hesitate to contact me for enquiries, rates...etc. 

Enquiries to: 


The finished Magic Carpet Mural.

Photo: Eoin Carey
Photo: Eoin Carey

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