The Scenographer

For the past two and a half years I have worked as a member of the Front of House staff at the Citizens Theatre, presenting a welcoming environment to theatre-goers and facilitating their various needs. This allowed me to subsidise my freelance artistic pursuits as well as working in a job which is within the creative industries. For a while though, I found myself wondering if my talents could be utilised back-stage. After some time sniffing around I tracked down the scent of the head set-designer/scene-painter and he was pretty enthusiastic about my recent history in mural painting. I was delighted to learn that I was to have a job as a scene-painter working on the production of a new show. And so it began...say hello to Omar Zingaro Bhatia - Casual Scenographer. I have included some pictures of the painting workshop I took hurriedly between working on the set. Of particular note are the giant canvas winches that date back to the Victorian era! I really look forward to developing new skills in this frontier. 

Victorian canvas winch.
The pulley system.
The sinks.
First days training.

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