Those of you who follow this blog may have noticed that it has been a little quiet of late. Those of you who know me personally will know why that is. Long before now I had intended to announce that I was to be a father but alas, I never got around to it. So here I am, writing this at 4:23am if the clock is true. My partner has not had an easy pregnancy (if such a thing exists) and I have tried to take the time over the last few months to really be there for her which is why creative projects have taken a back burner for the time being. The only reason I have had time to write this post is because my littlan-to-be is having a long lie-in. Perhaps they take after me in such languidity? Fruitbat, (as we have been calling our unborn baby) was supposed to, according to the current  medical practices, come out to greet us 7 days ago....but we are happy to let him cook a little longer as the expression goes. Fruitbat's in good health it seems and delights in flamenco dancing in his womb. Sometimes life really is a waiting game...

So, staggering to the seasonal job at the Citizens Theatre has come to a close for summer (quite handy!) and I have stopped producing new artwork for the time being. I intend to be on an unsolicited/unofficial paternity break for the next 7 weeks or so. While your initial instinct may cause you to buckle in terror that there will be an Omar-shaped void in your cultural landscape...fear not! There are still things happening and ongoing projects that will be resumed. My exhibition in Edinburgh (at the Victoria Bar on Leith Walk) is still on for a week or so and I am still selling original artworks and prints HERE. For the summer period I am also offering free delivery anywhere in the British Isles

For the time being I am in hiatus....waiting impatiently on these balmy nights for the new life we have created to come gasping and blinking into light. A challenging chapter draws near a close, let another begin! 

Yours paternally,

Omar x

p.s I will post a picture on here of the new baby when they finally arrive!
Our announcement poster.

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