The Bedroom of Doom ♥

Some people may argue that my bedroom cannot be deemed a work of art but I would be against such an opinion.....I will tell you for why.
 It's an environment that I have created over time and one in which I, the artist, inhabit. I have endeavoured to make it my natural habitat and the methods that I utilised are identical to those I adopted in my degree show to create 'Omar's Spuriosity Shop'. Obsessive collecting, hording, nest-making instincts are all displayed here and I do it not just for myself........oh no........I have my viewers in mind too. I invite them too look at my room the same way I would invite them to see an exhibition. The only difference here is that I can demand privacy if I so want.
In many ways it is an opportunity to practice my curatorial and installational skills.

And then there were two.
They were my first pair of cowboy boots 
(aged 4). Note the moccasins next to them. 
My business cases. 1940's (left) 1970's (right). I take 
one to all meetings containing my books and portfolio.
Antlers cum bead hooks. (12 pointers)
Omar Zingaro Bhatia Storage Solutions LTD.
My baby guitar Clementine. (gypsy made, EU.)
My writing bureau where many bad poems have 
been penned. 
Note Poley & Monkey (Poley: Rescue/Monkey: Gift)
 Axminster Rug is family heirloom (cigarette burnt).
Note lack of wall space (Horror Vacui sufferer).
Red lamp creates a 1950's New Orleans Brothel vibe.
This corner is where I house some of my paintings.

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