Oliver Basciano Review

The well known London based art critic Oliver Basciano from ArtReview wrote a little piece on me the other day. I am a featured member (on their website) for November. Goes a little something like this.

"Omar Zingaro Bhatia uses both an archival and portrait painting practice to create immersive installations that seem to simultaneously commemorate and mock his mixed cultural heritage. His largest project to date documented on his ArtReview page was Omar’s Spuriosity Shop (2009), devised for his Duncan of Jordanstone college degree show in Dundee. The naivety of the portraiture, the subjects of which freely slip from claimed relatives to Josef Stalin, mixes well with the plethora of culturally ethnographic kitsch paraphernalia: a mask here, a hookah there. The eponymous title seems to chime with the various self-penned biographies that appear on his page, personal website and elsewhere, in which the artist seemingly seeks to create some kind of cultish subjectivity through which the objects he creates or collates are passed."    -Oliver Basciano, ArtReview Nov. 2009

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