On The Road in Transylvania

In May 2010 I travelled to Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania with the intent of going on a photographic expedition. The method of journeying was hitch-hiking and I managed to travel, along with a few other adventurers, over 1000KM across the wild landscapes of Transylvania and Moldova.

One out of our 19 drivers (over the four days on the road) asked us for money, my co-traveller, a Romanian named Alexandria was outraged as this is not the Eastern European custom. Even so, this astonishing trip cost the very humble sum of the equivalent of two Scottish pounds.

The following photographs were taken on a cheap Japanese compact digital camera. I brought the photos home and worked on them a little for you, my readers.


'The Kitschers'

'Valentin' (Romany Fellow)

'The Gypsy Market'

'The Truck-stop'

'Loli's Girls'

'The Doll in the Alley'


'Dead Chick'

'The Money Makers'

'The Drunk & His Dog'

'The View'


'The Ghosts of Borsec'

'The Summit'

'Kingdoms of Stone'

'With This Hand'

'The Artists Breakfast'

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