The Discards

Close to my house there is a loch-side beach where I go fishing sometimes. Up until the early 1960's the area was used as a dumping ground, some of the bottles to be found there are over 120 years old. Locals call it 'Break-Glass Beach'. 
The changing shape of the loch has exposed sections of the old rubbish tip and there are some interesting (depending on your interests) things to be seen. The modern fisherman has also contributed to ensure that there is a lasting legacy of rubbish. 
The discarded objects create an uneasy atmosphere, creepy and at times downright sinister. I would not be surprised to come across a body there on one of my fishing excursions. 

In this series of photographs entitled 'The Discards' I have tried to capture this sense of foreboding and malignancy. To really experience what I mean, contact me, I will take you there.

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