The Offer

There are in this world of ours, sadly, parasites who seek to mooch off of the talent and kudos of us artists (or hosts if you will). They do it by making you feel special, like they hold your destiny in their perfumed hands. Promising fame and fortune they expect you to take all of the risk and front all of the capital. These sons of bitches will take you for every nickle and they'll sleep like babies in their night-time sheets. But these people are not con-artists my friends, oh no, they are legitimate businessmen and women operating in some of the most wealthy neighborhoods of our cultural capitals and in the full confines of our laws.

I get one of these 'fantastic opportunities' in my inbox at least once a month - In the past I just simply ignored them but this one seemed genuinely promising. After digging around on their site for a while I soon came to learn that they expected me to pay in excess of three thousand dollars for their 'representation' which they had so kindly extended to me. Affronted, insulted and a little bit drunk I decided to reply: 

P.S I sound like a complete reactionary bastard but I feel strongly about this topic. These cretins are nothing more than culture-pimps. There comes a time when the whistle must be blown. 

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