Futuristic History

A couple of days ago I discovered a memory-stick in the musty pocket of a canvas satchel that I used to carry about with me. When I plugged it into the computer I realized that it contained the files with which I got my post cards printed for my degree show. In another folder was the file for my first business card. I must admit, it pleased me to see them again. I felt like I had made some sort of minor discovery, at least in respect to my own life. The thing must have been in there undisturbed for no more than three years but it got me to thinking about the artifacts of the future. Surely archaeologists will be digging up digital materials will they not? iPods will one day be displayed in the greatest museums to be gawped at in wonder by cyborgs and holograms. 
Degree Show Postcard, 2009AD.

Another design.

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black michael said...

Future generations will have access to an enormous amount of trivial rubbish from our time, not one billionth part of which they will be remotely interested in, any more than we are interested in the graffiti scratchings on the walls of the catacombs of Rome, or the names written on shards of Athenian pottery.